International Car Rentals

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Experience a Country Up Close with International Car Rentals

International car rentals take you inside a country and let you soak up the beauty, customs, and friendliness of other peoples. Flying is amazing for getting you from place to place in a hurry, but it cannot immerse you in the food flavors of a tiny cafe off the beaten path in Portugal or a great restaurant on the tiny island of Menorca. Browsing through the local markets filled with local vegetables of intense color in Murcia is a sensory experience that must be savored. Relaxing in the warm sun on a gorgeous beach in Brisbane is balm for the spirit.

Escaping the rains by joining the locals for a pint in a pub in Ireland will also find you joining in the usual Irish folk music and dance. Exploring the fabled Amalfi Coast of Italy, you will drive through villages that cling to the cliffs above the sea. International car rentals will take you along the Great New Zealand Touring Route through acres and acres of vineyards until you arrive at the best sites for sailing and windsurfing.

Choose Your Own Route and Schedule

If you aren't a group-tour person, but you have limited vacation time, pick up a car hire South Africa to tour the stunning coastline of this vast country. Cities are few, so driving along the ocean lets you enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of the landscape. In fact, if you fly to almost anywhere from the United States, international car rentals are right there at the airport.

Maybe when you left home, you intended to spend a little time in Sydney, then skip over to a neighboring country. You fall in love with Australians and their exuberant embrace of outdoor living. Change your mind, change your plans, change your car hire Australia and stay a while, mate!

Reserve the Car of Your Choice

When you are planning your trip, getting the details down before you leave will contribute to a trouble-free journey. If you are traveling on business, it is essential that everything go smoothly. Go online and look at specials, packages, all-inclusive combination deals, and any other economizing arrangements. Travel is often determined by seasons; winter travel to London, for example, is cheaper than during the peak summer months.

Reserve the kind of car you want--economy, compact, luxury, motorhome, limo--from the convenience of your home. If you have a tight schedule for your conference, think about arranging for transfer and chaffeur services so you are sure to be where you want to be on time. Go online and consider the cost and customer service record of several companies that arrange for international car rentals. Reliable is what you are looking for. You do not want to wind up in an airport with no transportation, a lost rental reservation, and no one who cares enough to follow through and make things right.

Learn the Rules of the Road

What you need is a reliable, knowledgeable company that will tell you the ins-and-outs of driving in each country you will visit. Insurance requirements vary, licensing requirements vary, and driving habits sure do vary! You certainly want to understand which side of the road to drive on!

Before you rent a car in a foreign country, it is important to learn the international road signs so you know what that windsock on a stick means. Before you leave home, master the rules of the road for each locale you will visit. Each country is different, with different restrictions. You do not want to wander from the Greek section of Cyprus into the Turkish section in your car, and you do not want to try to take your car onto a ferry in New Zealand!

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