International Car Rentals In Santa Cruz Bolivia

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Reliable International Car Rentals in Santa Cruz Bolivia

International car rentals in Santa Cruz Bolivia are available at Viru Viru International Airport. This is the location where business travelers and tourists are most likely to enter the country because Bolivia is landlocked. Surrounded by the dense forests of the Amazon basin, with extremes in elevation and climate, Bolivia is most easily entered via air travel.

Santa Cruz is one of three international airports in Bolivia, the other two being at La Paz, the capital, and Cochabamba. International rental cars are available in major cities and airports. Currently, American tourists do not need a visa, but regulations change, so check with the United States Department of State website before making plans. For safety sake, stick with reputable tour agencies and travel in groups in international car rentals.

Travel by Car

Bolivia is a very poor country; most roads are dirt or gravel. During the rainy season, any remote areas will be cut off from the outside for days or weeks if the rains are heavy. Within the main cities, and between major cities, roads are paved. As you can understand, 4WD vehicles are the primary vehicle selected in international car rentals in Santa Cruz Bolivia.

Santa Cruz is known for the fort of Samaipata and the Jesuit Missions that still function as religious centers. Tropical and humid, Santa Cruz is a gateway to the indigenous peoples of this spectacular country. The frozen heights of the Andes and the temperate valleys at lower elevations with abundant wildlife in rainforests give an indication of the adventure that awaits you in Bolivia.

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