Mercedes Rentals

Written by Jill Morrison
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Mercedes rentals are very popular at most car rental dealerships. They can be found from standard and luxury car rental services. Mercedes vehicles are well known for their class, functionality, durability, good looks, and great performance on the road. You can rent a Mercedes that fits into your budget, since so many different types of Mercedes models are available.

Deciding on Mercedes Rentals

You can find Mercedes rentals in many locations. Of course, the most popular locations are vacation areas such as California and Florida. In tropical climates, convertibles are popular Mercedes rentals. Rental services are frequently found near hotels and major airports.

There are many different models of Mercedes available. 2004 models include the C-Class, the CLK-Class, the G-Class, the S-Class, the SL-Class, and the CL-Class. Popular 2005 models include the M-Class and the E-Class. You can choose a Mercedes in a class that fits into your budget and preferences. You can also choose the color and features included in your rental vehicle.

The M-Class, E-Class G-Class, and S-Class are all 4 door vehicles. They are available as a sedan or a sports utility vehicle. The C-Class, CLK-Class, SL-Class, and the CL-Class are all 2 door vehicles that hold from 2 to 5 passengers, depending on the model. Mercedes has so many options in models, that you are sure to find one to rent that meets your preferences.

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