Palm Beach

Written by Jill Morrison
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Palm Beach is a beautiful vacation spot in Florida. This area features over 200 resorts and hotels, and nearly 50 miles of sandy beaches. It is a great place to visit, whether you are there for business or pleasure. Tropical temperatures can be enjoyed for most of the year in this area of Florida.

Palm Beach Options and Attractions

When visiting Palm Beach, you will have many choices for your accommodations. You can choose to stay in a large hotel, resort, seaside cottage, bed and breakfast, or a cozy inn. Many prefer to stay at resort hotels to completely indulge in the relaxing, tropical experience. Most of the resorts are conveniently located on beautiful beaches.

After choosing a place to stay, you must consider transportation. Most Florida visitors will rent a vehicle for the duration of their vacation. You can choose any type of car to rent, from sedans to SUVs. The most popular choices for rental cars in Florida are exotic convertibles. By renting a convertible, you can completely immerse yourself in the wonderful tropical air and shining sun.

Palm Beach has many attractions and things to do. The area features over 160 golf courses. With an average annual temperature of 78 degrees, golfers flock to this location to play. This vacation spot also features more than 40 cultural venues, over 1,100 tennis courts, and over 2,000 restaurants. There is also plenty of shopping. The possibilities are endless at this popular Florida vacation spot.

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