350z Dash Kit

Written by Will Baum
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350Z dash kits can take your very sporty Nissan and make it your own. 350Z drivers are among the most discerning in the sport car world. They like the unique styling and performance of the vehicle. But how unique is it to have factory paint and factory dash?

Paint jobs are the first thing people think of when personalizing a vehicle. But it's the dash that you see when you're driving. 350Z dash kits allow you to redesign the color scheme and look that you experience while on the road.

350Z Dash Kits and Nissan History

Long before the 350Z was even a glimmer in a designer's eye, Nissans were on the road. And before Nissans as such existed, there were Datsuns. In the 1980s, the familiar and reliable Datsun started to disappear. First, Datsun badges added two words, "by Nissan." Then the Datsun was phased out entirely.

Nihon Sangyo ("Ni-San") named the car company for himself when he took it over in 1939. The company made the DAT, one of Japan's first cars. The Datson 91 followed, naturally enough. Soon the name was changed to Datsun. After WWII, Datsuns started selling in Europe, with names like Fairlady and Violet. Odd names aside, the cars were reliable and inexpensive, and they caught on. Datsun's true claim to fame was the 240Z, a sports car that stood apart from the rest of the Datsun line.

The 350Z recalls that heritage and updates it for the 21st century. The 350Z is among the sportier, sleeker cars on the road. Its interior comes with all sorts of optional bells and whistles. But its interior styling is limited. 350Z dash kits take over where the Nissan company leaves off, letting you choose the interior environment of your beloved car.

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