Acura Dash Kit

Written by Genevieve Hawkins
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As a popular make of car in terms of customization, it is possible to find many Acura dash kits on the Web, including some that are pre-molded. Whether you have an Integra, an MDX, or an RSX, the chances of finding the right fit for your car exists on the Internet. And with some careful inspection, it may be easy to find a dash kit for less than 100 dollars.

Acura and Car Dash Kits

Along with Hyundai, Honda, and Infiniti, Acura dash trim kits are among a popular line for import Asian-made cars. Perhaps because many of these vehicles last a long time and have a high resale value, many flock to customize an Acura interiors. As this has happened, the selection and variety has increased. More bizarre customization is easy to find, especially on a luxury import such as this. Zebra lining, anyone?

Pre-molded dash kits are available for Acura CL, Integra, Legend, MDX, RL, RSX, and TL models. A quick check online can reveal what types and styles are ready to order, many for 40 to 100 dollars and dating back to as early as 1996 or 1997 models. As far as any other models or earlier years, one must resort to measurement. No worries, though, as this is often easy to do and still inexpensive.

Whatever the reason for wanting to improve the interior look of your Acura, there is something out there for you. With a little work and some careful consideration, you can have a ride that is as individual as you are. And it only takes a few minutes to install, if you choose to do it yourself.

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