Aem Intakes

Written by Genevieve Hawkins
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As a great way to increase horsepower, make the car go faster, and still be smog legal, AEM intakes are a good choice. Designed in several types and models including the Hybrid, Bypass Valves, Short Ram, V2, and Brute Force, these intakes are all cold air regulated. By putting one on top of the manifold in place of an air filter, there is a way to change the firing power of your vehicle.

AEM Air Intakes

For looks and customization, AEM air intakes are a great way to make your vehicle stand out, and increase the pickup. They are manufactured so that all intake models will pass a smog check. By increasing the air flow to the engine, you can change the amount of spark your plugs are able to produce. With this rapid firing, the vehicle is sure to look and sound like a hard core ride.

AEM intakes are available in several different styles and colors, and can fit onto most vehicles. They are a good accessory for street racing or any type of sport that requires a fast car. By making the vehicle race ready, you can turn heads in the right crowd, and enjoy a nicer car.

When people think of parts to customize their vehicles, too often they focus only on things going on above the hood. By making your car drive better, more efficiently, and faster, more good may be produced by an air intake valve than by all of the spoiler kits that are sold. Just shop around online, let the experts help you out, and enjoy the ride.

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