Auto Dash Kit

Written by Will Baum
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Auto dash kits are an inexpensive and easy way to personalize your car. Though paint jobs, rims, and other accessories transform the exterior of many people's cars, oftentimes people stop there. They're still driving around staring at a dull factory dash. You may ask, "Why not transform the interior as well as the exterior?" That's where auto dash kits come in.

Installing Auto Dash Kits

Getting auto dash kits just takes a little time and a little attention. If you're a klutz who can't hang a picture straight, consider getting help. Dash kit installation can go more smoothly if you have someone who is deliberate and decor-minded nearby. But that's not essential. Auto dash kits are almost klutz-proof.

After getting the interior of your car up to 72° Fahrenheit, you're going to thoroughly clean the existing dash. Rubbing alcohol will get all dust, grime, and other residue off. Once the shine is off the factory dash, test out all the pieces of your new dash. Make certain that vents and buttons all operate as intended with the new components.

Now, you're ready to start sticking. Flat overlays and molded dashes require different approaches at this point. Flat pieces need an adhesive promoter (your instructions will recommend a specific product). 3D dashes often have a tape backing. Often, a "dash spray" will be included that keeps the tape from sticking upon contact, giving you a moment to properly fit each piece. Now just stick and dry. That's all it takes to get a dash kit installed.

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