Brushed Aluminum Dash Kit

Written by Will Baum
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Brushed aluminum dash kits give your car's interior a look that is at once modern and distinguished. Those seeking a regal, old-world interior often opt for wood dashes. Others, looking for a space-age, modern interior feel, might choose carbon fiber dashes. Brushed aluminum dash kits project a combination, call it "old-world space-age."

Brushed Aluminum Dash Kits and the SUV Hybrid

Brushed aluminum dash kits have one foot in the past and one foot in the future, much like the new, SUV hybrids. Until SUV hybrids were announced, the only hybrid cars available were little mini-sedans, like the Toyota Prius and the Honda Civic. Mileage is an obvious concern for hybrid drivers--that's the entire point--and these little cars got mileage unimagined in previous years.

SUV hybrids give us an opportunity to drive a hybrid that doesn't feel like a go-cart. The Ford Escape Hybrid is a five-passenger vehicle with an engine as powerful as a standard V-6. The Escape gets 40 miles per gallon, making conventional SUVs seem like outlandish and irresponsible gas-guzzlers.

Like an ordinary SUV, the Escape has front-wheel drive and four-by-four switchability. When idling at a traffic light, the hybrid engine takes over, running on power generated by the vehicle itself during deceleration. There is no need to plug in the new generation of hybrid cars and SUVs. They power themselves. The electric motor also works to power the car at low speeds, especially valuable in urban stop-and-go situations. Brushed aluminum dash kits are available for every make and model, since they can be custom ordered. Brushed aluminum on a Ford Escape might be a remarkable combination.

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