Car Wood Dash Kit

Written by Will Baum
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Car wood dash kits upgrade your vehicle. It's like getting bumped up from coach to first class. Today, most luxury cars come with wood dashes. There's no reason your car can't have that same look and feel. Car wood dash kits are available on the Internet for almost every make and model.

Car Wood Dash Kits and Veneers

Car wood dash kits come both in real wood and in real-looking synthetic wood. Either can improve the look of a dashboard. Real wood veneers are sliced from large planks or logs. Manufacturers keep careful track of the origins of each slice in case someone wants to match the panels.

Peeling is used with some woods instead of slicing. Logs are soaked in a bath of hot water. A precision lathe-type blade peels wood layers from around the log, rather than cutting sections through it. This is called rotary-cut veneer. In the old days (pre-19th century), veneers were thicker, usually a quarter of an inch thick. That's because they were cut with a hand saws. Modern technology has given us much thinner wood veneer. Veneers that are half a millimeter thick are now common.

Though veneering on furniture came to be commonly used as a cost-cutting measure, it originated as luxury. Furniture with elaborate design would often feature shell, bone, and precious metal decoration. Wood veneer, using exotic grains, was part of the package. Today, good veneers are still highly prized. Look for car wood dash kits in a huge variety of woods, both commonplace and exotic.

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