Carbon Fiber Dash

Written by Seth Cotterell
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As one of the more inexpensive and revolutionary varieties of dash kits, those made of carbon fiber are popular for their versatility and durability. This synthetic material, dating back several decades and widely used in motorsports, has become a popular alternative to wood and metal dash kits. The reasons include its usefulness as a base for alternative colors and patterns.

The Emergence of Carbon Fiber

As the single most used material in many varieties of sports, carbon fiber has a good history with the automobile. In its various incarnations as the more popularly known Kevlar (used to make bulletproof vests) and glass weave, it has been used for various parts of trim and accessories in some cars for years. In fact, it is remarkably close to the plastic molded interior that is often a factory part of the vehicle.

But until the emergence of adhesive backing for these strips, no one considered it a worthy material for car dashes, due to its expense. Often covered with a polyurethane coating to protect the exterior, these kits have gone down in price drastically, often selling for less than 100 dollars. And with the variety of patterns available, one can make almost any custom interior with carbon fiber.

Although it does not possess the classy look of molded wood, the sleek and futuristic design of carbon fiber has made it a popular choice for car dash kits. Due to it's versatility, any color or pattern that one may desire can be designed into it, if the time and money are available. Even if not, carbon fiber still can make a wonderful material for car dash kits, shown by its successful track record.

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