Carbon Fiber Dash Trim

Written by Will Baum
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Carbon fiber dash trim can make your car's interior look like a space-age future car or just give it a subtle aesthetic "facelift" that will make you a happier driver. Until relatively recently, most dash trim kits you could buy were wood grain. Wood grain adds a nice, old-world feel to an automotive interior. But that look isn't appropriate to every car and to every taste.

Sportier cars and sportier drivers want something flashier. They tend to like bright colors, shining chrome, or brushed aluminum. That's where carbon fiber dash trim comes in. Carbon fiber dash trim can be custom made to fit in absolutely any car out there, from an old Pinto to a brand new Lexus.

What Is Carbon Fiber Dash Trim?

Carbon fiber is a form of graphite, which is itself a form of pure carbon. In graphite, carbon atoms make sheets of hexagonal rings, looking something like chicken wire. Carbon fiber is a type of graphite that has long, thin sheets of atoms.

Carbon fiber is very strong for its weight; it can be stronger than steel. For this reason, carbon fiber has been used in airplanes and even in the space shuttle to replace heavier metals. The lighter the plane, the less fuel needed to fly it. In days of unstable oil prices, with airlines raising the cost of tickets to make up for losses on fuel, carbon fiber is arriving just in time. Carbon fiber dash trim truly is space-age stuff.

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