Carbon Fiber Kit

Written by Genevieve Hawkins
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Made of a lightweight and very flexible material, carbon fiber is a common substance to make car dash kits out of. Used for many years on other parts of automobile accessories as fiberglass, this product is known for it's tensile strength. Used to make windbreakers and bulletproof vests, its power as a material for automotive interiors is just being discovered. Because of the proliferation of colors and patterns that are available, its use is sure to expand.

Carbon Fiber Dash Kits for Cars

This material dates back a few decades and is the result of mixing acrylic resin in a coal pitch. Once the technique was perfected, a lightweight, durable, and heat-resistant material was created that had much potential. Carbon fiber is used as a material in aircrafts and buildings, and is more commonly known as fiberglass in automobile production.

The material has many advantages that are not lost on the marketers of dash kits, including its versatility. With just a few changes to the manufacturing process, carbon fiber can be used to make glass weave or Gortex. It is easy to color it and provide with patterns, and its durability makes it a suitable candidate for dash kits.

If you are looking to put a new dash into your automobile, carbon fiber may be the right type of material for you. Because of its versatility, it is being used to mimic the designs of other materials. With just some minor alterations, the surface may last longer than any other part of the vehicle.

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