Chrome Dash Kit

Written by Will Baum
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Chrome dash kits can take your old jalopy or new sports car and turn it into a machine that truly belongs in the 21st century. While many dash kit enthusiasts go for the old, distinguished look of wood, chrome dash kits take your car's interior in another direction entirely. Wood is the look of the past; chrome is the look of the future.

Origins of Chrome Dash Kits

Chrome describes a color and a look, but the color has a basis in nature, the metal chromium. The lustrous, steel-gray metal was first discovered in 1797 by Louis-Nicholas Vauquelin. Vauquelin was a chemist, age 34 at the time of his discovery. He isolated chromium from lead ores. The ore, chromite, is found in places as varied as Zimbabwe, New Zealand, and Iran.

Vauqulin's discovery was soon used to for many purposes. It could help harden steel. It was utilized in the manufacture of stainless steel. But the primary use for chromium was in plating. Chromium plating gives a hard, corrosion-resistant surface that also has an alluring shine. Chromium plating was so common that it got its own name, "chrome."

The gleam of chrome recalls skyscrapers and airplanes. It is the color of modernity. What better color to grace the interior of an automobile? Chrome dash kits can bring a shine to the dullest of car interiors. They are easy to install, and easier to enjoy. Cars are sometimes an extension of ourselves. Ask yourself, are you cracked beige plastic, or are you new, gleaming chrome?

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