Civic Dash Kit

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Known for its durability and relative simplicity, a Honda Civic is a great car to install a dash kit into. Many who drive these types of vehicles look to customize the look, or simply make a bolder statement than the plastic molding that comes standard from the dealership can provide. As such, this is one of the most popular models of cars to have a car dash kit installed in.

What Makes a Civic So Great?

With their simple and affordable design, these cars are a great bargain for the many people who drive them. Hondas are known to almost never break down, and to have a very high resale value. As such, there is a brand loyalty to people who own a Honda that is second to none in the car industry, and many intend on keeping their cars for many years.

Because of this many of the dash kits sold for Hondas focus more on customization and less on styling. The Civic has a plain plastic interior that one could stare at for years; it is best to spice it up. For only 100 dollars or less and a few hours' time, it is pretty easy to do so.

Carbon fiber weaves are popular with Civic users, as this type of style allows for personalized colors and patterns. Many models can be matched to factory specifications, or at least you are provided with a list of suggested color matches. Although it is harder to find dash kits for older models, many manufacturers online go back to 1996 or before.

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