Custom Dash Covers

Written by Ivan Gale
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Custom dash covers can be outfitted to serve your particular tastes, whether you drive a car or a truck. There are so many styles to choose from that you are certain to find what you're looking for. That's because in the custom-design world, the customer gets to make the call on how they want their car's interior to look.

Custom Dash Covers Can Be Monogrammed

Custom dash covers include monogrammed dash toppers to allow people to put their personal mark on their vehicle's decoration. Cars are a source of pride for many people. It isn't surprising, therefore, that some would want to see their initials on the dashboard as a way to express his or her pride.

Another popular choice for custom dash covers is glowing neon on the dash. Whether velour or carpet is used to cover the dashboard, a neon light can be pre-installed in the defrost vents. A mini power pack that uses AA batteries provides the juice to keep this little trick shining all through the night. There are even different light modes to choose from.

The light modes include constant light, flashing light, or pulsating light. It all depends on your personality, or your particular mood that night. What doesn't change, however, is how people respond to these car upgrades. There is just something about neon lighting on vehicles that makes even the most conservative person turn their heads and take notice.

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