Custom Dash Kits

Written by Genevieve Hawkins
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No matter who you are or what type of vehicle you drive, there is likely to be a dash kit made for you. As dash kits have become more affordable and variety has increased, it seems like there are colors or styles for any taste. There are zebra stripes, paintable finishes--even designer dash kits with Gucci or Louis Vitton patterns.

Types of Dash Kits

Whatever the material used on the interior, there are largely two different types of dash kits: flat and molded. Flat dash kits tend to be cheaper, and are better for certain factory car models. They have flexible pieces that go on top of the console and other parts. Although they will bend 90°, they won't wrap around and thus aren't suited for three dimensional consoles such as on larger vehicles.

Molded dash kits require a hand measurement of the exact contours of the vehicle beforehand. One large piece is usually sent that is contoured to fit around the console and stick into place, looking more professional than a flat kit. These molded kits look more professional and factory-like from the start and are the only kind of dash kits available on some car makes.

Beyond the need for individual measurements, or OEM (original equipment match) parts, the variety is very high. Aluminum, wood grains of various textures, chrome, glass weave, and Kevlar are just a few of the choices for flat or molded dash kits. Many colors and styles are also available, making it easy to match the looks to any taste.

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