Custom Wood Dash

Written by Will Baum
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Custom wood dashes take your factory dash and turn it into something unique and stylish. The colors that car manufacturers tend to use for their interiors leave much to be desired. Nothing flashier than black seems to be in their palate. Custom wood dashes solve that problem nicely.

Custom Wood Dashes Personalize

Custom wood dashes can give your vehicle a needed personal touch. For some, personalizing their cars becomes a way of life. Take Hollywood fringe personality, Dennis Woodruff. Dennis Woodruff has become known all around Los Angeles for a simple reason. He drives a car plastered with art, sculpture, and, most importantly, his name all over it. Woodruff's car is like an entry in a parade, but it's what he drives every day--with style.

By his own account, Woodruff transformed his car as a way to try to gain attention as an actor. On his website, he tells his story. As a teen, Woodruff ran away from home several times. At 18, he finally made it to Hollywood. He lived in his car for five years, painting address numbers on curbs for a living. He took some of that paint and turned his car into a mobile billboard, his name in big letters along the side. His car modifications have made him a name for himself.

He's been profiled in magazines and on television--all because of his eccentric car. This isn't meant to associate all automotive modifications with eccentricity. Souping up your dash isn't announcing anything to the world other than, "I care about how my car looks." It's not only reasonable, it's sure to generate a buzz.

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