Custom Wood Dash

Written by Seth Cotterell
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As long as there have been dash kits, there has been a desire to get them in wooden styles. Originally the sign of a fancy British-made speedster, now having a wooden car dash can be done quickly and easily by the classy or the classless. With over 300 styles and colors to choose from, there is likely to be a match for whatever you're looking for.

Wood Dash Kits

There are several styles of wood dash kits, but almost all of them contain the same component. Genuine wood is used in the center. An adhesive backing is used for easy installation, and the top is coated with polyurethane as a protectant from the sun or other harsh conditions.

Because these pieces are somewhat less bendable, it is more likely that you will find what you are looking for in a molded dash kit. Molded dash kits require measurements of the car's interior plastic to make an OEM (original equipment match) replication. Beyond that, there are over 300 varieties and stains from different retailers, from Japanese cherry wood to English burlwood, and almost as many gradations and shading options in between.

If one is looking for a classic look, a custom wood car dash looks unbelievable on most sports cars, such as a BMW--if the option is looking trendy, then put it on anything. Most factories will make suggestions for the car make and model of what colors will look best, but these are only suggestions. You can always try something new, and see how the results speak for themselves.

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