Dash Board Light

Written by Ivan Gale
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Perhaps there is no simpler fix to a car's dull interior than with a dash board light. Lighting up the dash is perhaps the poor cousin to lighting up the underside of cars and trucks. The effect, however, is just about the same, so who cares if it is so affordable? The effects are so stunning it will look as if you just spent a fortune tricking your car out.

The Allure of the Dash Board Light

The top choice for a dash board light seems to be the neon variety. After all, neon has always been steamier and sexier than any other type of light for generations. The undying appeal of neon can now be used to adorn your dashboard. A dash board light needs to light up something special, however.

To this end, some packages include a dash cover outfitted with either velour or plush carpet. These super-snazzy materials can instantly beautify your car's interior with their luxurious look, especially when bold colors are used. With glow in the dark neon brightening up and playing off of a velour dash cover, you're certain to turn heads when you drive by.

Many people show interest in a dash board light, but don't know where to look for it. Many accessories like these can be found in auto parts stores, or on the Internet. With photos and product descriptions available at a moment's notice, online shopping for car stuff is becoming a popular choice.

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