Dash Cover

Written by Ivan Gale
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A renaissance in car decoration is bringing the dash cover to the forefront. The dash cover acts as both a decoration and a tool to help keep your car or truck in mint condition. The harmful sun's rays can do great damage to car dashes. Uncovered, they can also suffer abuse by people who don't take regular care of their vehicle.

People who routinely bring food and drink into their vehicle do themselves a great disservice. While the effects of one spilled coffee or melted candy bar are often easily remedied, cumulatively, spilled food and drink can do great damage. It can lower your vehicle's resale value, in addition to just making your car or truck look messy.

A Dash Cover Can Spruce Up a Car's Interior

No one wants his or her car to look boring. That's why many people are choosing to adorn their vehicle with a dash cover and other types of car upgrades. With many styles to choose from, nearly any vehicle can be given a new look with a dash cover. There are also many colors available, meaning you can add a dash cover to match your vehicle's existing interior design.

These car accessories are not expensive buys. Rather, they are actually quite affordable, especially when you consider how they can dramatically change the look of your car or truck. The affordable prices means dashmats provide a big bang for the buck.

The materials used for these dashmat products can be very luxurious. Some of the choices include plush carpet or velour. Velour, lately a popular choice for making men's and women's jumpsuits, can make a dashmat look positively snazzy. A Dash cover can do this for a fraction of the price a full detailing job would normally cost, as well.

Dash Cover Styles Also Come in Neon

Glowing neon is one of the most popular dashmat covers on the market. Its popularity is probably due to a certain demographic like young urban adults. In the city, neon is used on motorbikes, cars, even bicycles. A flashy dash cover is considered by some to be an ultra-cool, ultra-hip necessity for modern city living.

A cell phone car holder can also be "tricked out," to use the modern parlance for sprucing up a vehicle with flashy accessories. These holders make it extremely convenient to make a phone call when driving, and also do a nice job of decorating your car's interior. Once again, the choice in colors is enormous, and nearly every vehicle's look can be complemented with a matching phone holder.

Whether you're driving an SUV or a Honda civic, there is much in the way of interior accessories to choose from. Car upgrades are an increasingly popular subject among young people. They are also still popular with the folks who pioneered these car accessories in the early '80s. They who have undoubtedly played a significant part in reviving the style today.

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