Dash Installation Kit

Written by Will Baum
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Dash installation kits can take your so-so interior to James Bond-level stylish. If you spend any significant amount of time in your car--and who among us doesn't?--an upgrade on your dash is something to consider. Why should you be staring at factory plastic? You could have wood veneer, molded to your dash. Dash installation kits are relatively cheap and easy to install.

Getting a Dash Installation Kit Mounted

A dash installation kit is one of few modifications you can make to your car doesn't require real expertise to install. It doesn't take a mechanic. It doesn't take a body shop worker. You just need a little over an hour, a little patience, and a little care.

The first step in installing the kit is getting the car warm. Kits need temperatures of at least 72° Fahrenheit to properly adhere. If you're in a chilly climate, crank up the heat. Once you've read the directions (don't skip this step!), installation begins with cleaning the existing dash. This doesn't mean you wipe off the dust with your hand. If you want your dash installation kit to look right and keep looking right, it's going to take significant cleaning.

Using isopropyl alcohol ensures that the dash is lint and dirt-free. You also want to get rid of any residue left from cleaning products you may have used in the past. Keep cleaning until the surface looks dull and feels like there's no vinyl treatment residue left. To test the surface, try a piece of masking tape. If it sticks well, so will your dash kit.

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