Dash Kit

Written by Will Baum
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A dash kit can take your car or truck to the next level. Sure, factory dashes can be okay, but they're just like standard paint colors--everybody's got them. Many drivers these days are opting for upgrades. They get custom dash kits to spruce up their already snazzy rides.

Options For Dash Kits

Kits come manufactured to custom fit the dash of your car or truck. Deciding upon the right color and style can be key. You're not covering every inch of your interior, just certain elements. You want to be sure that your new dash components will mesh well with remaining color.

This is why top companies selling dash kits offer many options. There are different wood finishes available, from burlwood, to cherrywood, to walnut. You can get dash components in a bronze color. You can get them in synthetic carbon fiber. You can get them with a paintable finish. The best companies offer consultations with customers to help them decide which of the dizzying number of options is right for them.

Once that decision is made, the rest is easy. Installation is simple. It's not much trickier than putting a new sticker on your license plate. You clean off the existing dash, you make sure everything lines up right (buttons, vents, and switches), and you start sticking. Dash kits will fit like a glove over the old dash. New riders shouldn't be able to tell what went on. They'll just know it looks great.

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