Dash Topper

Written by Ivan Gale
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A dash topper can be an ingenious way to cover up a cracked, faded, or warped dashboard. Damages from the sun's glare can prematurely age any dashboard if people don't take regular care of their vehicle's interior. A dash topper is not only functional, it is also very affordable, too.

Dash Topper Products Are Inexpensive

It is definitely possible to install a dash topper for less than $50. For the money it takes to fill up your gas tank twice, you can permanently protect your vehicle's interior with a dash topper. They come in many shapes, sizes, and fabrics, as well, meaning there's certainly a dash cover out there for your ride.

Neon lighting is an accessory that has become quite popular recently. The first dash covers with funky lighting came out in the early '80s, if not earlier, but for some reason the style sort of hibernated for several years. The true keepers of the flame kept showing off their neon-lighted, plush carpeted dash covers throughout the '80s and '90s, however.

Now, these diehard dash cover enthusiasts are enjoying the limelight of this recently resuscitated style. It's easy to join them: dash covers can be found at many auto parts stores as well as on the Web. Many retailers offer fast shipping and secure online credit card processing, making sure you don't have to worry at all after you make your purchase.

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