Dash Trim

Written by Will Baum
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Dash trim can enliven the grayest and blandest of dashboards. Add a little wood and a dashboard becomes like the bridge of an old-world schooner. Add colored carbon trim and sitting in a car is like taking the wheel of some flying vehicle from the future. Most modifications you can make to your car are expensive and time consuming. Dash trim kits are a do-it-yourself bargain. You can have your new trim installed in around an hour's time.

Dash Trim Style

Dash trim comes custom made to fit your car, regardless of the make and model. If you've got a Miata with four air vents and a hazard button on the dash, that's how the kit will come. Trim kits will have trim designed to fit perfectly on door locks, cupholders, speakers, you name it. An interior can suddenly come to life with relatively little effort.

As a verb, trim means "to make something tidier or more level by cutting a small amount off it." As an adjective, it means "tidy and well-ordered." Dash trim can make everything look tidy, like a careful haircut or a just-clipped hedge. It can also give a dashboard a wild look. Bright red or chrome-colored trim highlights the contours of a dash. It makes a statement. It says, "Personalized. Not factory made."

Today, cars that seem ordinary coming out of the factory are receiving radical recreation at the hands of a new movement of car fanatics known as "tuners." Tuners will take a standard Honda Civic, and turn it into something you might have seen in "The Fast and the Furious." The transformed Civics are hardly recognizable. People want their cars to reflect their personality. Dash trim is one way to start.

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