Dash Trim Kit

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Whether you are looking for a way to customize your ride or would like to replace a discolored or cracked interior, dash trim kits may be the way for you. Available in numerous designs and styles, dash trim kits are affordable, starting at 20 to 40 dollars. They are easy to apply, and come in many different colors and textures for all car makes. Furthermore, many will raise the resale value of a vehicle.

Background on Dash Trim Kits

With the emergence of British-made import sports cars such as the Jaguar and Bentley, many people coveted the wooden made interiors that were the marks of distinction in these vehicles. As wooden dashes became synonymous with higher class sports sedans, some people chose to get this type of console in their car. Originally, the job of making these custom interiors was painstaking and expensive.

In order to make a special order wooden dash for a car decades ago, a team of craftsmen had to hand stain and mold all of the wooden pieces, then glue them together and onto the car. The process often could cost several thousand dollars, and was only reserved as a luxury for the ultra rich. With the invention of two ply adhesive backing, however, the cost of this type of work has gone way down.

As dash kits became less expensive and more readily available to the general public, the selection and the options have gone up. No longer restricted to traditional wooden panels, car dash kits now come in many types of materials. And because they are easy to apply, many vehicle owners install the kits themselves. With this ability, the freedom and mobility relating to customizing a vehicle has made them an even more popular alternative to traditional car interiors.

Types of Dash Trim Kits

Although there are some variations in the molding of car dash trim kits, many have similar components. Generally, the kit contains custom-molded pieces that are backed with two ply adhesive and have at their center the main material used, whether it was aluminum, wood, chrome, or fiber. On top of this, most are coated with a polyurethane protectant to keep the surface durable over time.

There are two main types of dash trim kits--flat dash kits, which are pre-manufactured for popular makes and models of vehicles, and molded dash kits, which are composed after measuring the car's interior components. The first type is usually a little less expensive, and is less work, but it may not fit so well, and it may not be available for your vehicle. The second type involves taking measurements of the car, but guarantees a great fit, including wrapping around on three dimensional pieces.

From there, there are several varieties of materials used, from traditional wood to aluminum, chrome, carbon fiber, and molded wood. As more people order these for their cars, the selection seems to increase by the day, but in the name of decency, most car dash trim kits are colored in advance to the car manufacturer's specifications. Considering the joys of customization, it might be worth shopping around and seeing what options are available for your vehicle.

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