Dodge Dash Kit

Written by Will Baum
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Dodge dash kits can put a new face on your factory dash whether you're driving a Viper or a Caravan. No one is in love with their factory dash. The colors are uninspired, designed toward the lowest common denominator. They are colors that no one will throw a fit over--no tantrums, no celebrations. Dodge dash kits remedy that. They'll make your car, truck, or van snazzier, comfier, and more personal. Only a lover of blah beige will throw a tantrum seeing the new interior.

Dodge Dash Kits and The Dodge Caravan

Making a snazzier Caravan may seem like a fool's errand. The Caravan is the top selling minivan in the U.S. It's not known for horsepower or sleek styling. It's a functional family car.

Not every Caravan owner had planned on making a minivan their next automotive purchase. Car fanatics don't drool over minivans, they settle for them. That doesn't mean the family minivan can't show a little spirit. There are a whole lot of Caravans out there. In May of 2004, DaimlerChrysler reported selling 25,695 minivans, leaving the second-place Toyota Sienna in the dust. Do all Caravans have to look alike?

Not necessarily. Dash kits can transform an interior just like a paint job can change the exterior. There are many different ways to go with a new dash--different kinds of wood grain and materials. There are paintable dash components you can customize and install. Dash kits are relatively inexpensive, and no harder to install than it is to put together any number of children's toys. If you're a Caravan driver, you might have some experience with that. The Internet is a great place to find Dodge dash kits that will fit your vehicle.

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