Exotic Wood Dash

Written by Will Baum
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Exotic wood dashes are the ultimate luxury upgrade for an automobile. Car fanatics won't stand for factory dashes. Some even eschew the wood grain dashes that come as standard in many luxury cars. They want something unique, something classy, something expensive. These are the proud primary customers for exotic wood dashes.

Exotic wood dashes can be custom made for any make or model. The wood itself is relatively rare and demands top-notch craftsmanship. Red Walnut, South American Rosewood, and Zebrano--woods you may never have even heard of--are among the many exotic woods used in luxury dashes.

Exotic Wood Dashes Speak Volumes

For some, arriving in a high-quality luxury vehicle isn't enough. They want to distinguish themselves further. They want to make a real entrance. They want to arrive in high style.

Corporate titans who demand the best of everything are exotic wood customers. Their cars and limos will often utilize exotic wood. So do their corporate boardrooms, their homes, and their clubs.

The people profiled on car television shows are another segment of the exotic wood dash market. For these customers of high-priced luxury, exotic wood is a kind of boast. It says, "I have it, and I'm not afraid to spend it." Dashboard modification is just the beginning for these cars. They get hydraulic suspensions; they get cameras built into the sun visors; they get DVD monitors built into the seats. The Internet is a terrific place to find dashes made from exotic wood and other fine materials.

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