Exotic Wood Dash

Written by Genevieve Hawkins
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Whether you are looking for the style of sandalwood or the funkiness of simulated wood grain, there is an exotic dash made for you and your car. Wood dash car kits are popular, affordable, and easy to install, making it a fun thing to shop for. And with a minimum amount of effort, the look of a car can be radically changed.

Wood Dash Car Kits

There are as many varieties of wood dash car kits as there are vehicles on the road, or so it seems, so it is best to get an overview. Many places offer two types of wood kits--wood trim kits, designed for trim pieces, and molded wood kits. Only with the latter type is the car's console turned into the look of a genuine wooden dash. In the other type, only components such as around the gear shift, door trim, areas around the car stereo and gauge liners are affected.

Which type of kit is desired depends on the goals of the project. Using wood trim kits is often much cheaper and easier, and with accents put in the proper place, the vehicle can look very sharp. Using a molded wood dash kit, on the other hand, the results will be obvious and make people turn their heads. Furthermore, it tends to be unique.

Whatever style you choose, it is sure to look snappy. Most wood dash kits are made of real wood, then coated with polyurethane for protection and striped with an adhesive backing. For those exotic looks that feature simulated wood, many are made of very high quality carbon fiber. By producing countless designs, there is something fitting for everyone.

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