Flat Dash Kit

Written by Will Baum
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Flat dash kits (as opposed to molded dash kits) add color, sparkle, class, or sleaze to your car's interior, depending upon what you're after. It's your car, and you can do with it what you like. Flat dash kits are there to help.

Popular Flat Dash Kits

The most popular flat dash kits feature wood grain, sometimes real, sometimes synthetic. Wood grain adds a feeling of old-world class. It turns your car into a fine piece of high-speed furniture. Many of the top luxury cars come with factory standard wood dash components. Just because your car didn't doesn't mean it can't. Flat dash kits give you the freedom to turn your car into whatever you envision.

Other popular flat kits add color. A bright red gives a dash an unusual, flashy look. It's well known that red cars are pulled over for more speeding tickets than cars of less eye-catching colors. Who knows what happens inside a car when the interior is red? A chrome or aluminum dash looks modern and stylish. It gives the sense of the car as a machine, ready to respond to all of your instructions.

The most creative among us will perhaps opt for paintable dash kits. Of course, with a paintable dash kit, you can have your dash any one color you desire. But how about painting images on your dash? Anything will do. There's no reason your dashboard can't be as personal and specific as you like. People get tattoos of everything all over their body. Why don't they personalize their cars? The advantage with dash kits is that the image is removable. As you may have already come to regret, the same is not true with a tattoo.

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