Ford Dash Kit

Written by Seth Cotterell
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With so many varieties of cars (and increasingly trucks) on the market, it shouldn't come as a surprise that buying a dash kit for your late model Ford is easy and quick to do. Molded dash kits are available for most Ford truck models, such as the Escape, F-150, F-250, and the Expedition. There are also kits for later models of cars such as the Mustang. Dash kits for SUVs are also available.

The History of Dash Kits

Much like renovating your kitchen cabinetry, installing a customized dash kit seems to be a quick and affordable way of making a personal mark. Backed with peel and stick technology and often costing around 100 dollars, these kits have become an inexpensive way of radically changing the look of a vehicle. And being so easy to install, everyone is finding the time to do so.

Car dash kits didn't emerge as a serious automotive accessory until the late 1980s. The more recent expansion of the Internet has particularly promoted the cause, and many places allow you to order online. Although most are reputable, be careful, as always, with anything asking for a credit card number. Check beforehand if there are any worries.

Most late model Ford vehicles have dash kits readily available, though it's best to watch for the overall quality of a company before purchasing. They are often pre-molded for the contours of the vehicle and matched to the color of the interior. Be careful when shopping around, but also take care in picking out the right dash kit for your vehicle.

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