Honda Civic Dash Kit

Written by Will Baum
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Honda Civic dash kits can make your Civic more like something out of "Fast and the Furious" and less like a factory clone. Civic drivers these days are souping up their rides. The cars lend themselves to all kinds of modification, under the hood, on the exterior, and--with Honda Civic dash kits--to the interior as well.

Honda Civic Dash Kits and Other Modifications

Modifying Civics is so popular that there are books written about it. Civic Duty: The Ultimate Guide to the World's Most Popular Sport Compact Car--the Honda Civic is written by Alan Paradise. In the book, Paradise acknowledges the Civic as the '55 Chevy of the modern era. Back in the days of American Graffiti, Chevy's were tuners' car of choice.

The Paradise book covers Civic modifications from top to bottom. There are chapters on suspension modifications, engine modifications, and on exterior and interior styling. Paradise created Sport Compact Car magazine, so he knows of what he speaks. Modifications like bushings, roll bars, strut tower bars, and overdrive pulleys may be more than many of us will ever consider doing to our cars. Modifications like these cost money, time, and can easily become an obsession.

Those of use more inclined just to get a simple paint job to spruce up our car still have to consider bringing the interior up to par. That's where Honda Civic dash kits come in. In this day and age, driving a Civic with a factory dash is nowhere near as stylish as acquiring a Honda Civic dash kit.

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