Honda Dash Kit

Written by Will Baum
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Honda dash kits are only one of many modifications that have become wildly popular with Honda drivers. If you've driven a city street recently or seen "The Fast and the Furious," you know how seriously Honda modification has become. People soup up their Hondas not just to race them, but because it's fun, and because they can. Honda dash kits are an important part of the modification equation.

Honda Dash Kits and Honda History

Soichiro Honda couldn't possibly envisioned was to come with the company he created. Born in central Japan in 1906, Honda was the eldest of nine brothers and sisters. Honda's father was a bicycle repairman, and, watching him, Honda's interest and ability in mechanics developed. Seeing a Model T Ford for the first time at age eight supposedly changed his life. He decided he wanted to work with cars.

And he did. He built and raced cars, almost dying during the All Japan Speed Rally of 1936. In 1945, Honda started the Honda Technical Research Institute, which soon became the Honda Motor Company. He kept testing cars himself until he was 65 years old. Honda had strict ideas about meritocracy; he forbade family members from gaining senior positions at the company.

Racing continued to be a passion of Honda's, and the car company persistently pursued Formula One racing success. Of course, it was achieved. Many other successes also came to pass, including the massive popularity of the company's Accords, Civics, and other models in America. Today, Honda dash kits are available so Honda drivers can personalize and upgrade their cars, continuing the tradition of excellence begun by Soichiro Honda.

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