Honda Dash Trim Kit

Written by Genevieve Hawkins
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Known for their durability and reliability, Hondas have many auto accessories that are readily available for shipping. If you drive an Accord, a Civic, or a CR-X, there is likely to be a car dash kit that fits. And because these cars are such popular choices for this type of work, many dash kits date back to model vehicles from 1990 or before.

Hondas and Dash Kits

Due to their simplistic styling and deep ties to motorsports, where such materials as carbon fiber were more commonly used, Honda vehicles have always been a popular choice for car dash kits. Basically, there are two types of sets--dash trim kits, which only accent certain areas, and regular dash kits, which go over the entire surface. Because Honda has less three dimensional parts than many other vehicles, they are good choices for either. Only accenting the surface features on a Honda is easy and still often looks great.

Flat dash kits are popular in Hondas as well, because they are cheaper, easier to install, and still look good. With the unique Japanese styling, many enthusiasts choose chrome or carbon fiber interiors. Playful colors and patterns also abound here, in direct defiance of tradition but in keeping with Honda's reputation.

No matter what type of car dash kit you would like for your Honda, this car is made to last for a while, so you will likely desire a product just as durable. Honda's simple styling makes them good candidates for easier and cheaper kits, but the beauty is not less. They simply stand as vehicles that know what they are.

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