Hummer Dash Kit

Written by Will Baum
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Hummer dash kits can give your Hummer a tough-on-the-outside, plush-on-the-inside advantage over the other Hummers on the road. Hummer owners from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Gary Coleman aren't your regular Sunday drivers. They have an extraordinary vehicle, and there's no reason that vehicle shouldn't have an extraordinary interior. Hummer dash kits make the transformation from factory regular to flashy and classy easy as crunching a VW Bug.

Hummer Dash Kits and Cigar Bars

It was Arnold Schwarzenegger who first had the notion to take a Humvee onto the streets of a peacetime city. Prior to receiving his call, AMG was making Hummers strictly for military use. There were dozens of different models for different functions and terrains. During the 1990 Gulf War, America watched the monster-size trucks in heavy use on TV. Schwarzenegger, then a mere movie star and not a politician, was watching along with everybody else. He wanted one.

And why not? The Jeep, which became so popular during the 1970s, had been exclusively for military use during WWII and Korea. Just because the military was still using Humvees didn't mean an action hero couldn't have one. And if an action hero could have one, why not anyone with $90,000 to throw down? At first Hummers were a novelty, like the single-user Segway (which this observer has still yet to see in person as of this writing), then they began to proliferate.

Soon, Hummers were like regular cars, only bigger and meaner. TV commercials ran with a kid building a wooden racer in the image of a Hummer and beating all competition by racing off-road, straight down a hill. Making a Hummer stand out doesn't have to mean downhill racing. Hummer dash kits are all an interior-minded driver needs.

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