Hummer Dash Trim Kit

Written by Seth Cotterell
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As one of the newest off-road vehicles available, H2s are becoming increasingly common in the city. Hummers were designed for military use, taking over for their predecessor, the Jeep, in 1981 and being a primary vehicle for US forces in Iraq. With all of their gadgets, these vehicles seem to have the driver prepared for every contingency.

Hummer History

In order to spice up an already stylized vehicle, many buyers are looking to put in their own dash kits. Although dealerships do offer this option, it often will add two thousand dollars to the sticker price to have it done there, and many of the more outlandish colors and designs are not offered. In order to get the truly custom look that many drivers crave, you may have to do it yourself.

The Hummer emerged in 1981 for the military as the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, or HumVee. With time, however, many began calling it the Hummer instead, and when the factory went into civilian production, there were a few different models to choose from. The H1 and H2 models have dash kits readily available for 2003 models and up. For an earlier version, it is easy to inquire online or to a dealer.

With some work, one may be able to find almost any design they can imagine. Hummers require molded dash kits due to the outlandish size of the interior console; because of this largeness, the tend to be more expensive than for other vehicles. But if one is willing to pay the money to drive a tank, you may want to add yet another feature to further customize it.

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