Hummer Wood Dash

Written by Will Baum
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Hummer wood dashes bring a big, mean luxury car into the domain of pure luxury. Hummer owners aren't shy about what they drive. It's hard to miss a Hummer as it wide-bodies its way down the road. If you're a Hummer driver, you want your interior to be as worthy of attention as the exterior of your vehicle. Hummer wood dashes make that a simple prospect.

Hummer Wood Dashes and Hummer History

During WWII, the Jeep was the American army's vehicle of choice. You wouldn't expect to see one parked outside your local five-and-dime. By the 1970s, the military had moved on, and the Jeep became a popular civilian vehicle.

The vehicle that the military had now embraced was known within military purchase-ordering circles as the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV). No soldier was going to say that string of words to describe a decked-out truck. That just wasn't going to happen. The trucks were soon dubbed "Humvees." AMG, the Humvee's manufacturer, started using the name "Hummer." 15 feet long and 7 feet wide, the 5,200 pound Hummer was an all-terrain transport marvel.

During Operation Desert Storm in 1990, Hummers were all over American televisions as the war was broadcast live on CNN. Mega-celebrity Arnold Schwarzenegger took note. AMG built him a civilian Hummer. The idea quickly caught on. By 1992, civilian Hummers were available. Soon, in cities like Los Angeles where cars are treasured and pocketbooks are deep, Hummers started appearing everywhere. Objections of environment and policy-minded gas conservationists went unheeded. Today, Hummer wood dashes are available to make your Hummer as distinct and luxurious as possible.

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