Injen Intakes

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Fitting over the manifold and controlling the air flow, these intakes can be RS, IS, or EIS. All are designed for cold air that is coming into the system. By changing the air flow coming into the engine on your vehicle, you can change the speed of the firing of sparks that are keeping it going. With Injen intakes, you can make the car go faster and use less gas. There is even a style that will pass smog checks, if you live in a state where that is a potential problem.

The History of Air Intakes

As long as there have been automobiles, people have tinkered with the air regulatory system going into them. Realizing that the air getting drawn into the system was responsible for the rapid fire sparks that kept the engine revving, many looked for ways to alter the amount of oxygen to get faster fire. In the racing industry, these techniques were used many decades ago to make faster cars and are still being tinkered with to this day.

Injen intakes are made of genuine aluminum alloy, and come with brackets and adapters to keep it in place on the manifold of the vehicle. They are longer than AEM intakes and are designed for more high performance models, often sounding louder. Some are painted into several flattering colors and styles to show off your performance under the hood.

If you are looking for a way to make your car look and sound better, these intakes may be a good choice for you. By increasing the horsepower and making the air that flows in better directed, you can radically change the performance of your vehicle. Like anything else, it may be worth a try, or at least some investigation.

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