Jeep Dash Kit

Written by Will Baum
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Jeep dash kits allow you to reimagine the interior of your Jeep or bring your old Jeep dash back up to good-as-new condition. You don't have to be staring at a dash in less-than-perfect shape as you drive. Jeep dash kits give you the option to upgrade to a huge variety of shades and grains.

Parts in Jeep Dash Kits

Jeep dash kits may be easy to install, but that doesn't mean the difference they make isn't huge. A good Jeep dash kit can include a dozen or more pieces, all designed to fit precisely into your vehicle. Once the dash kit is installed, a stranger shouldn't be able to tell what was done. It will just look a whole lot better inside.

The complete kit for a 2003 Jeep Liberty, for example, includes 13 components. Of course, the basic dash gets a new cover. But so do all kinds of tiny accents. There are steering wheel accents, a glovebox accent, and trim for the cupholder and shifter. Door locks are covered with their own components. You get the idea.

Installing a dash kit should take as little as an hour. After thoroughly cleaning off the existing dash, you make sure all pieces fit exactly as they should. The newly-covered door locks and other buttons shouldn't be interfered with at all. Having taken this precaution, you're ready to start sticking. Before you know it, your interior is transformed. Surfing the Internet is a terrific way to find dash kits designed to fit your Jeep precisely.

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