Jeep Dash Kits

Written by Genevieve Hawkins
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Designed for their versatility and off-road capability, Jeeps survived long after the military has stopped using them. Because of their "travel anywhere" style, Jeeps are popular vehicles to customize with stylized dash kits. Many enthusiasts enjoy putting outlandish designs in their no frills vehicle, and a quick check online will reveal a large selection.

The History of the Jeep

Jeeps emerged right before World War II in the form of a military contract obligation. The US government was searching for a multipurpose vehicle to transport troops, and the Jeep, with its light load and square figure, fit all of the guidelines. Because of their popularity in wars, many soldiers came home hoping to buy one for civilian use, and a factory in Toledo, Ohio, began producing them in the late 1940s.

How the Jeep got its name is still under debate. It is believed to be a shorthand of General Purpose Vehicle, or GP. Nonetheless, many forms of Jeeps were spawned for civilian use, making it amongst the most popular off-road vehicles. In fact, the military used it for many of its missions until 1981.

If you are looking to celebrate the history of the Jeep by putting a dash kit into it, there are many styles and colors to choose from. Jeep interior car kits are commonly available on models from 1991 and up, including the Liberty, Cherokee, and Wrangler. With many styles and materials to choose from, it may be a way of celebrating a vehicle as rugged as the person who drives it.

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