Molded Dash Kit

Written by Will Baum
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Molded dash kits fit the contours of your car's dash. They are designed to fit right over your existing dash, giving the interior of your car a makeover not unlike the one Julia Roberts gets in "Pretty Woman" (and several other movies). The car starts pretty, but it gets a new covering, and now it's high-class. You get the idea.

Molded Dash Kits Fit Like a Glove

Installing molded dash kits is even simpler than installing flat dash components. Oftentimes, molded dash kits will have adhesive tape on the back. You peel of the sticker on the tape and you're ready to go. Some kits include "dash spray," which moistens the tape so that it doesn't stick immediately and allows you to get the piece positioned properly before locking on.

Once your components are in, you shouldn't be able to tell what you did. Your new dash will look like it came from the factory or a top-notch auto body shop. The difference is, now you have a classy wood grain where there once was dull beige. You have a sparkling color where there was once boring vinyl gray.

Makeovers have become a Hollywood staple. Out in the real world, Beverly Hills shopping sprees are out of reach for most people. Giving your car a makeover is easier and cheaper. The parking doesn't cost as much as in Beverly Hills, and you don't have to spend millions of dollars. Molded dash kits may be just the thing to begin your car's exciting new life!

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