Molded Wood Dash Kit

Written by Will Baum
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Molded wood dash kits fit your dash like a glove. The components of molded wood dash kits are contoured to adhere to an existing dash so precisely that the dash underneath will be completely invisible. Factory dashes are considered by many drivers to be dull and uninspired. Augmenting a factory dash can transform the interior of a car just like getting a haircut and a new outfit can transform a person.

Dash kits come in a wide variety of materials. Woods themselves come in a wide variety. There are synthetic woods, there are standard woods, and then there are exotic woods. You know synthetic wood; you see it all around you. The same goes for standard woods. Exotic woods are what you see when you enter a world of real luxury. Picture the red walnut that lines the bar at a four-star hotel. That's the stuff.

Before deciding upon a wood dash, surf the Internet a little. You'll find dashes made from carbon fiber. You'll find dashes of brushed aluminum and chrome. Where wood gives a feeling of warm luxury, these materials convey a certain flashiness and sportiness. Many sports car owners prefer carbon fiber in bright colors. "Tuners," who soup up cars like the Honda Civic, turning them into road racers, are particularly fond of fluorescent reds and oranges.

Molded Wood Dash Kits Make Your Car New

Whatever you decide, your dash will see a major improvement. Molded wood dash kits can take a car interior beat up by years of wear and tear and turn it into something new again. A wood dash can make almost any vehicle feel like a well-designed dream car.

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