Molded Wood Dash Kits

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Made of genuine wood in many cases and available in such a range of colors and styles that it seems unbeatable, wood remains a classic and beautiful way to increase the value of your vehicle. Molded wood dash kits are available for a range of automobiles, having emerged from their basis as a staple in British-made sports cars. Since then, many makes and models of vehicles have followed suit.

Wood Dash Kits

As the original type of dash kit, wood remains a popular choice for almost every type of vehicle. Originally, the wood was painstakingly hand stained and molded for the car's interiors, in a process that could take weeks and cost several thousand dollars. Nowadays, the emergence of new technology has made things much easier, particularly regarding installation.

Most wood dash kits are made of genuine wood, with an adhesive backing and a polyurethane coating as a protectant from the sun or other damage. Types include cherry wood, burlwood, or mahogany, with so many differently tinted stains that the wood can achieve almost any color to suit the vehicle's interior. Although every color is different, many experts recommend going for a darker wood trim such as rosewood for grey or blue interiors, and a lighter yellow stain such as burlwood for a tan interior. Every vehicle needs specific measurements, however, and probably some factory-matched color suggestions.

Wood dash kits are molded through hand measurements, and fit over all of the contours of a vehicle's interior. It only takes a few minutes to order a kit online and find out what areas need to be checked. With a kit that is hand designed for your car's specifications, there is a very good chance of a professional look.

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