Mustang Body Kit

Written by Genevieve Hawkins
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As one of the most popular types of car for this kind of work, Mustang body kits are easy to find online. For model years dating back to 1966, there are pre-assembled kits with extra features for your Mustang GT. Specific body kits for Mustangs such as the Black Spider II are some of the best selling in the nation.

Ford Body Kits

Because of its sporty look, its classic history, and its simple design, the Ford Mustang is a favorite car for auto accessories. Auto dash kits, customized rims, and license plate covers are just a few of the many parts that Mustang buyers have purchased in the last few decades. Along with them, however, there exists an opportunity to radically change the rather plain exterior of the Mustang with pre-sold body kits.

Because there are some common color models pre-made, it is possible to get car body kits for your Mustang cheaper than some other brands. Usually, a kit will contain ground effects, fender flares, sport mirrors, and sometimes a wing. The buyer of the kit is allowed to mix and match parts to a certain degree, making it easy to give the vehicle a personalized unique look.

Ford Mustang body kits tend to cost between 400 and 1,000 dollars, although some may be slightly more or less. As someone has to install the kits after painting the pieces to match the finish on a car, the process is cheaper than it could otherwise be. The results, however, are sure to turn people's heads.

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