Mustang Dash Kit

Written by Genevieve Hawkins
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As a popular model of sports car for many decades, it is not surprising that many owners of Ford Mustangs like to customize their vehicles. Ford's interior design is notoriously dull, and the options available at the dealership are not as good as the aftermarket accessories available. As such, many Mustang GT owners end up putting a menagerie of floor mats, trim kits, dash carpets, or beaded fibers into their interiors to make up the difference.

Dash Kits for Mustang GTs

The popularity of Ford Mustangs in the United States has made them a popular car for automotive accessories, and dash trim kits are amongst them. With an easy online search, you can find out what is available for your model year. Kits date back to 1965 Mustang models, and shipping is often available to anywhere in the US. There is even a design series of dash kits specifically for the Mustang GT.

Mustangs can look quite striking with a wide variety of interiors, and many types are available, from wood to aluminum and carbon fiber. The Mustang's image is of a sports car that is also versatile, and as such, any number of traditional or not so traditional looks can be employed. Many cars are also dealer matched to OEM specifications, and recommendations abound for the proper fit.

No matter what you are doing with your Mustang GT, there may be a great way to radically change the console and dash pieces cheaply and easily. Considering the variety of other options that have been used to hide the Mustang interior, something should be done. With a molded car dash kit, it is possible to achieve a professional and original look that cannot even be surpassed by Ford.

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