Repair Dashboards

Written by Ivan Gale
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After the glare of the sun has wreaked its havoc on car dashes, many people have to fork over the bucks and install repair dashboards. This is never a fun thing to do, and the sad thing is that this is totally preventable. While most people know that regular oil changes and checkups are important, what they don't know is that a car's interior needs maintenance, too.

Repair Dashboards Can Be Prevented

People don't normally think a dashboard needs maintenance. Over time, however, a dash can get warped and cracked due to sun exposure. Repair dashboards then have to be put in, although this time around people usually get a little wiser, and ask how they can prevent another dash replacement.

Repair dashboards can be prevented with a dash cover. These molded dash covers are made to fit many different types of car makes and models, enabling most people to purchase one for their vehicle, whether they drive an SUV, car, or truck. Best of all, these coverings are part protection, and part style.

They can be made up of some pretty snazzy fabric, such as plush carpet or velour. Velour is so popular that people wear jumpsuits made of the stuff, so you know it would look good on a dashboard as well. With a host of fun colors to choose from, your vehicle can go from looking bland to looking like a party bus with accessories like these.

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