Truck Dash Kit

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Due to the bulkier size and the larger dash kits of these vehicles, buying a truck dash kit can be a bit more expensive than other types, and may require custom molding. However, the effort may be well worth it. Dash kits for trucks are some of the fastest selling on the market, and can add durability for years to come.

Truck Dash Types

Being more heavy duty and designed to last longer than many cars, it should come as no surprise that truck dash kits are sold for earlier models of vehicles. Generally, one can easily buy a truck dash kit online for popular models back until 1990, and sometimes before. For many models, there are readily available dash kits for trucks made back to 1985.

Whether you drive a Silverado, Montero, 4-Runner, Expedition, Pathfinder, or Cherokee, there is a kit that fits your style. Because of the larger contours of a truck, a flat dash kit is almost never an option for this type of vehicle; hand measurements are a must. Although you can find trim pieces that will fit any vehicle on the cheap, it is not possible to cover or do as high quality of a job on a truck dash kit that has not been contoured to fit.

Installation should take only a few hours. Usually, one large fitted piece is put over the entire console; when lining up the part, be careful to only tear off the adhesive one side at a time. If there are any additional problems, there are many resources that should be helpful. The results should be eye popping, and durable enough to last as long as your vehicle.

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