Truck Upgrades

Written by Ivan Gale
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Some of the best examples of affordable yet durable truck upgrades are interior accessories. For examples, there are seat belt covers, steering wheel covers, cell phone car holders, and custom dash covers. In the case of dash covers, most people don't realize that these covers have many advantages over a plain, unadorned dash.

Truck Upgrades Don't Have to Be Exorbitantly Expensive

Dash covers are truck upgrades with a practical side, in addition to having the ability to make your truck look unique. These covers protect against windshield glare, which is really gases that get emitted from the dash. As they rise, they can obstruct a driver's vision, causing a serious safety hazard.

These truck upgrades are also beneficial in protecting your dash from the sun. The windshield can magnify the sun's rays as it shines down on your dash. The exposed dash can then age prematurely and suffer from unsightly warps and cracks. Dash covers eliminate this problem, however.

Dashmats come in many fun colors, and can even feature glowing neon or a personal monogram of your initials. None of these features are expensive, however. Such affordability makes dash covers one of the more practical ways to spice up your truck's image without forking over a ton of money in the process.

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