Vehicle Dashboard Kit

Written by Ivan Gale
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People are starting to purchase the vehicle dashboard kit for several reasons, it seems. The first reason is the most obvious one, that a vehicle dashboard kit is a practical way to protect the dashboard from the elements, which can fade, warp, and crack it. The second reason is perhaps a little more profound.

Vehicle Dashboard Kit as a Cultural Symbol?

Mass-produced items, such as cars, seem to be the epitome of a society where conformity and blandness rule. We all drive the same colored car on the same freeway every morning and evening, like drones. A vehicle dashboard kit, therefore, could be a sign that we are becoming more and more focused on the individual and less on the group.

These fun and colorful dash covers could be another example of the way people are starting to break out of their old molds and are beginning to make their own marks on the world. Nonconformity has always existed since time immemorial, of course. Also, today's strivings for individuality certainly started much earlier, like in the movements of the '60s.

All this doesn't diminish what is happening right now, however, with people decorating their cars and trucks to no end. People are making their own personal statement about who they are, and what they do or don't take seriously in this world. If these fun colors and lavish fabrics are successful in making people feel good about themselves, then so much the better.

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