Vinyl Dash Kits

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Designed as an alternative to wood or carbon fiber dash kits, vinyl dash kits are usually cheaper and easier to install. Running between 40 and 100 dollars for almost all of these kits, using vinyl is an inexpensive alternative, especially for older vehicles. And with many solid colors and styles available, the effect can be quite striking.

Installing a Vinyl Dash Kit

As the cheaper alternative to traditional dash kits, certain standards can not be guaranteed--the material will slowly fade with exposure to sunlight, for example. The paper thin vinyl dash kits also must be lined up carefully in order for a good fit, and some cutting of pieces may be necessary. With some work, it is possible to create a striking appearance.

Before installing a vinyl car dash kit, one should clean the interior plastic pieces and prep the area with rubbing alcohol. Be careful of using any car interior protectant with vinyl additives, as this will affect the adhesive backing, making it more difficult for it to stay on. Line up the pieces carefully, making sure measurements are what they should be.

Tear off the backing when a proper fit is assured, being careful not to bend any parts into each other. It is possible to do three dimensional effects with a vinyl car kit, but it would require a careful bending of pieces, and would require a large amount of work. For trims, accessories, and solid colors, however, the use of this type of car kit can have an immediate and striking effect.

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